Saturday, December 10, 2011

Visit to my Perimma's House

Couple of weeks before, we went to visit our perimma's house..We really had a great time together..She has such a lovely house with a very big garden..Its my dream to have a house like that. 

She cooked a nice lunch for us...And she made nentrapalam appam and bhajji in the evening to have with tea..

I really had a quite time over there because her house is located far away from the city pollution. Whenever i feel a little stressed we have a visit to her house..I managed to take a few shots over there so here it is..

This is the front view of her house

another shot
Her garden...I think this is a kind of lilly

some more flowers

A Red Rose

another shot

Pink Rose

another shot

a cute flower
She made bhajji, mysore bondas and nentrapala appam

along with some cardamom chai
This is Dizon..

He looks scary, but really friendly

That is perippa patting dizon

My sister trying to pat dizon, she is scared a little

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