Friday, December 2, 2011

Badusha Ladoos – A Failure turns into Success

This is one of the recipe from the past diwali..There is a story behind this recipe..I can tell it for you..Actually me & amma thought of doing badusha for diwali. We bought all stuffs and got ready for it..Everything was going well till we started making the dough. Once we dropped the dough in oil it started to separate and made the entire batch of oil a mess..
We started to panic a lot and amma told me that there might be something wrong with the dough, lets add some flour in this and mix it again..I totally lost hope and was looking at amma....Amma added some more flour and formed badusha shape and dropped in oil..We were looking at the oil with our fingers crossed..At this time it din get separated..It was frying beautifully..Amma took this out once it started to turn golden brown.

We waited for this badusha to cool a bit and took it in our hands and tried to break it..Believe it or not we failed in that..Yes we could not break a badusha..It turned so hard..We were totally upset and don’t know what to do..She fried everything and told me ok we can make something out of it..

We were thinking so much about how to use those container full of badusha’s. Amma told me ok lets make ladoos out of it..I prepared a recipe in my mind and added all kinds of stuffs in it and made it. First I took very little badusha and tried this, it cameout really tasty..Then I made ladoos out of all those badushas...yes it was a total success..

We packed all these nicely and put each one in a gift box which we gave for diwali..And everyone loved it..So here you have the recipe of this, you could try it with any failure badusha or make it with regular one too..

Badusha Ladoos Recipes


Milk-3 tblspn
Sugar-3 tblspn
Cashew Nuts-10 pieces
Raisans / Kishmish -10 pieces
Cardamom / Yelakai- 2 pods
Ghee-1 tblspn


Take a blender and add broken badusha’s, sugar,cardamom and powder it finely.

Now add cashews and raisins in this and pulse it for few times so that the cashews and raisins gets crushed.

Empty this in a mixing bowl and add ghee and mix well.

Add some milk and mix evertthing together. Now take some mixture in your hands and form into a ball. If the mixture is little dry add some milk and mix again.

Finish the entire batch and arrange it in a platter.

Store this in air tight container upto 3-4 days.

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