Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Shopping Experience - Wedding Update 1

 ITS WEDDINGS SEASON..Do you like me new header???

Huh..I finally found sometime to write about my shopping experience which I was postponing for weeks..We went for my first wedding shopping on March 24th, yes it was on my BIRTHDAY..How cool is that..Shopping on Birthday, YES !!! A Whole tiring day of shopping on my BIRTHDAY.

We started with Chennai, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, later came to a conclusion to shop at Tirunelveli which is pretty close, it will take around 1.5 hours to reach there by car....We started out trip (ie, shopping) at  8'O clock in the morning..We took out perippa's (uncle) swift car..You can see, I am mentioning clearly the car name too…Its for a reason..Keep reading..If you want you can check the car picture too..Click here..

Myself, both of my perimma & perippa and my mum can fit pretty snuggly in the car..And one more thing we have no space for my sister's , so we din take them with us..They all are reserved for the second trip on some other day...After 30 mins travel we had our breakfast in a hotel which we found there..Its name is Arya's..We bought poori masala, masala dosa, onion uttapam, idli, pongal sambar and some filter coffee..I had masala dosa..After a nice meal we continued our journey:D

We reached tirunelveli around 10' O clock..There we went to our family temple and had some religious stuff, It took around an hour there..After all those formalities we reached RMKV  at 11.30..Now time for shopping..We purchased, purchased and purchased..Its like NON STOP..We finished our saree and silk saree shopping at 2.30 ..Luckily I had my friend shabi with me..Tirunelveli is her native place, she joined me at 12.00..We purchased so many stuffs together..Then at 2.30 we went for our lunch again in arya's..This hotel played a main role in our shopping trip, because we had our complete meal for the whole day there…

After lunch we decided to go to Chennai silks , another big textile shop..We started our purchase for other stuffs like salwars, kurtis and so many random stuffs..Shabi left me at 4.30..I finished my entire shopping at 6.00..My mother and perimma were shopping for our relatives..Yes we have a custom in our place that whenever someone is about to get married, their parents will get new clothes for their relatives inorder to show their happiness..So they were busy getting new sarees for all our relatives..The entire shopping was over at 9'O clock in the night..All bills were settled and all luggages were collected…OMG it was so tiring day, I was walking up and down all the time...We were starving like anything, so had our dinner again in arya's..Now time to get back home..

Now comes the tough part..I mentioned in the beginning about the car which we came right..it can accommodate only us and nothing else..Now if you look into our luggages we had bags and suitcases which is not enough to fit in to the car…That much we purchased..Now time to stuff things in to the car..We started stuffing all the bags in every nook and corner..And finally if you get a chance to look into the car..you can only see luggages and not us…The only place where there was no luggages is on the driver seat where my perippa was driving..HA HA HA..how funny is that..We were laughing the whole time in the car...Actually it is a miracle..When we reached home and looked at our luggages we all were in excitement and surprised…I have pictures below this, check it out..The total luggages filled most of our living room..Hmm…It was amazing…

This is how my first shopping went on…I had lots of fun.. I thoroughly enjoyed it..i can never forget it in my life..

See you all with my next wedding update "My Wedding Invitation"

This is just half of the entire purchase


Achu said...

Superb :) Hope u had an awesome shopping time :) Enjoy till wedding bells arrives :)

Jafrin said...

superb Aarthi..were waiting for ur wedding updates only..

Sharmilee! :) said...

Wow sounds great...enjoy ur time!