Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GM Diet – Day 3 Update

Oh my god..Today was the worst day I have ever met with..I almost thought of quitting this diet, but somehow my inside heart told me to continue and that what made to survive in this diet.In the diet schedule it clearly stated that day 2 and day 3 will be really a tough one, and believe it or not it was really true..And the happy news is, they mentioned that day 4 will go so easily and it will kill all our sweet cravings..I should wait and see what is going to happen.

And the reason which made me continue this diet today is a happy news…YES I LOST 2 Kgs (more or less) weight…I checked my weight today and I was so happy to see that..I think that may be the reason..So Come on…lets continue with this man..

Today is a day in which we should combine fruits and vegetables..

This is my menu today.

Breakfast: A tall glass of carrot and beetroot juice (without sweetner)

Lunch – a big box of papaya

Evening: Carrot Juice (without sweetner) and Sweet lime juice(with a packet of sugar free)

Dinner : Wonder soup (Vegetarian version)  (Check recipe here )

I drank more or less 3 liters of water…I felt a lot more lighter and a little lazy today..I think tomorrow will be a wonderful day for me…Lets HOPE…


sangee vijay said...

Great Aarthi that u started losing wt. don't lose your heart...plz continue dieting with this healthy diet plan...Good luck!!

KR @ Edible Entertainment said...

Hi Aarthi. I understand your need to lose weight. But honestly, I don't think you should be living off on fruits or boiled vegetables!
Read Rujuta Diwekar's Don't Lose your Mind Lose your weight. I promise you, you'll look and feel great! And you never go hungry on that. You can buy it from Flipkart. Its the best book ever! I am losing 2 kgs per week following the diet plan and exercising half an hour daily. And best thing is, I don't starve or live on fruits. I eat Idli, dosa, rice etc.. but all in moderation. Do read that book.
And if you can keep up this GM diet routine for 2 months, kudos!! Because this looks like a rishi-muni's diet to me! :)

Aarthi said...

KR..I should buy that book soon..I am not gonna continue this for 2 months, i couldn't do it..HE HE..

Rhonda Howerton said...

I'm on day 3 getting bored with the fruit & veggies (because I'm a carb addict & anything fried!). I was really craving a 'real meal'. Tonight I made an awesome filing meal... Spaghetti squash topped with a slow simmered roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, red peppers & garlic. I'm in desperate search for recipes that will work with this plan. I'm thinking stuffed green peppers for the meat day on day 5? Ideas? Thoughts?

Aarthi said...

Rhonda Howerton..Great going..yes you can have stuffed green peppers, but try to have portion control..All the best