Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Failed in GM Diet, Yet Happy

Yes..I failed...On my Day 5, I had a bowl of Wheat Rawa Upma and ate a piece of fried fish..I know this is not the way to eat on a gm diet..But i couldn't continue it..But i lost a total of 3 kgs..I am still having a good food habits..I am having chapati instead of rice and starting my day with a fruit or vegetable juice..I have planned to skip dinner or if i am so hungry i am gonna have a bowl full of oats..And planning to avoid deep fried and oily foods..

I think this will keep on going and help me lose weight..Lets see..


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

One days break will do you no harm, Just go back on line tomorrow :) Diane

AJ said...

All I can say...instead of doing it as diet, make lifestyle changes...everything in moderation is good..more fruits, vegetables and whole grains (mom says that), less refined food, small portion sizes, lots and lots of water, having early dinner (3-4 hrs before bedtime), bit of exercise and do forgive yourself for indulging once in a while (life is better with bit of up-downs)!! Tried and tested formula...hope you will do well with wise choices. Good luck!!

KR @ Edible Entertainment said...

Congratulations on failing the GM diet! Personally, I'm so relieved! :D I couldn't fathom how you lived on fruits! Welcome back to the real world.
Edible Entertainment

Hemavathi Murari said...

Wonderful blog dear and nice to know about your diet and sorry to say its ceased. Do one thing try to do dieting only in the afternoon good salads and night little rice/1 parotha is permissible. You will definitely come down. Your parathos are tempting me to work on it for a good breakfast recipe.

Hema's Adugemane

Mahi said...

GM diet is not so easy to complete, and after loosing a few kilos, you will gain it back as soon as you finish those 7 days! Its better to follow AJ's comment! :)

Am sure, you will lose weight before your Big day. We are all motivated for that,right? ;)I did lost weight just in a month before marriage,after that the diet plan & exercise are gone! ;)

Good luck!