Sunday, November 13, 2011

Some more Diwali Updates

I must have posted it long before, but somehow these pictures missed..Actually for Diwali we packed some homemade sweets and savouries to give for friends and neighbours...We too received lots of sweets which lasted for weeks in our house..

Actually I have some crackers pictures too..So check it and hope you like it..

These is how the gift pack looked like..It had banana cupcake , Mullu Muruku , Maida Barfi , Badusha Ladoo , Karasev..

We put a small note about the cupcake that it is eggless..So everyone can enjoy it without any guilty feeling..

Gifts packed and ready for supply..

Crackers we bought for diwali..

All kinds of sound crackers..

This one is my favorite...

A new form of cracker..Snake Cracker..

Another Type...Look at my sister's hand..She was totally rocking the place..

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Dzoli said...

Must have been feast to remember;))