Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gifts - My Brother Got for Me

I have such a lovely brother who is so kind hearted to get us so many presents on his return from UK...He got us tons of chocolates and so many stuffs...I specially loved a earing set which he got for me...It is a pearl one and was stunning...I was able to capture a few pictures to share with you...So here you go..

The Whole lot..

Another shot..He even got a Sun Glass, I don't know what to do with that..Since I don't use that..
All sorts of deo's...

Look at the huge pack of my favorite chocolate Toblerone..And believe it or not, we finished it within one day..He He..

This is the set of earing...Looks gorgeous right..

He got so many chocolate...

Some good Dark Chocolate bar and Milk Chocolate bar..And that Milk Chocolate had caramel pieces in it..Yum Yum Right..

Beauty Cream
Lip Gloss to make our lips glitter..

Another stuff for lips..

Loreal facewash...I am using it currently..It makes my skin so fresh and soft..

So cool colours for lips..

he also got some fancy watches, mascara and so many cosmetic stuffs...
This is the Pearl Ear Stuff which I was talking about..Isn't it Cool.....

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Mama's World said...

Super brother u've got!!!